LBQ womxn convening

On August of 2018 , a convening of Lesbian,Bisexual & Queer persons was held to discuss on issues affecting LBQ persons overall the country with an aim of forming a systemic approach to dealing with LBQ specific issues.

Some of the overall Objectives of the Convening were;

1. Identifying, prioritising and consensus building on the critical needs of LBQ womxn in


2. Building organisational capacities of LBQ womxn on identified capacity gaps;

3. Developing practical skills on personal development and empowerment for LBQ womxn;

4. Integrating self-care and wellness as a central piece of organising and activism;

5. Developing an LBQ Action Plan for defining the next steps for collectively moving


After rigorous debating and analyzing of different approaches to the earlier outlined issues, the following was attained;

  1. An Action Plan for LBQ organising;

  2. A strengthened capacity building of individuals and activists;

  3. A formal structured proposed system of Overseeing LBQ issues.

Ava Mrima