Our main objectives are:


1. Effective and reliable care and support

Jinsiangu is establishing itself as a go-to provider for effective and reliable care and support for ITGNC Kenyans. Including safe spaces, psycho-social support, and ITGNC-friendly counselling services.

2. Provision of fundamental needs of ITGNC persons

Jinsiangu advocates for the provision of fundamental needs of ITGNC persons through engagement with various professionals, state officials and service providers in order to change discriminatory policies and prejudice against them.


3. Developing knowledge

Jinsiangu is committed to developing and disseminating knowledge on the socio-economic and political situation of ITGNC people in Kenya, including information on their health and medical needs.


4. Creating awareness and understanding

Jinsiangu aims to increase awareness and understanding of ITGNC people, both within the LGBTI community and in the larger society.